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Alessia Barzaghi

Doctor in Architecture

Born in Carate Brianza on 7 July, 1993, I graduated from the Liceo Scientifico of the Don Carlo Gnocchi Cultural Istitute in 2012.

During this formative experience I approach with passion the world of the art history and architecture. For this reason I enrolled at the Faculty of Architecture of the Politecnico of Milan where in 2015 I graduated at the first level.

Continuing my specialization course in English Language Architecture, i had the opportunity to confront myself with internationl teachers.

From the mutual estreem with Prof. Arch. Nikos Ktenas the project idea for the thesis "Design [with]in history, Via dei Fabbri between reading of the past and new writings" was born in the fifth year, obtaining the evaluation of 110 with honors.

This work has allowed me to broaden my knowledge in design in  and protected sites such as the "Colonne di S.Lorenzo" district in Milan. A long and meticulous study led to the elaboration of a project built in an already consolidated fabric but with a contemporary language.

With this thesis work I had the opportunity to participate in the Archiprix 2018 competition.
As formative experiences I undertook two internships in the university period at the interior design studio "Annalisa Martinoni Architetto" and the architecture studio "Silvia Pietta Architettura" both in Milan.
After graduating I gained 6 months of experience at the Voguexperience showroom and interior design studio in Inverigo, during which a passion and confidence in the field of furniture and design was born.
I occasionally teach high school.


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