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Fabiana Piccininni


Born in Chiavenna on 20 June, 1992. I graduate from the Leonardo da Vinci Technical Institute of Higher Education in Chiavenna as a Surveyor in 2011. My passion for technical drawing led me to enrol in the Faculty of Architectural Sciences at the Politecnico of Milan where I graduated in 2014. The following year I enrolled in the master course in Architecture and Architectural design, graduating in 2017 with the thesis " Fortifying the last Grancia. Project of conservation and reuse of the farmhouse for the redevelopment of Chiaravlle Milanese". This work has allowed me to have a greater awareness in intervening to the existing architectural heritage safeguarding the historical element with the use of modern techniques. In this regard, I did an internal research internship at the Politecnico of Milan, to define a knowledge base that would include the evolution and historical and territorial transformation of the area south of Milan through the critical study of emerging system that characterize it. During my university career I did an internship at an architecture studio in Erba followed by a short work experience, deepening my knowledge of the Architectec's work, I partecipated in the workshop" small residences in Portugal" and in the exhibition "Tortona design week" at the Salone del Mobile in Milan, I participated in the call for the second edition of the Giovani-SIRA 2018 Award for architectural restoration. In the 2018 I attended a training course for BIM - Building Information Modeling.


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