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Serena Mazza

Doctor in Architecture

Born in Erba on June 3,1991. I graduated in 2010 at the Technical Institute " g. Bovara" in Lecco and then enrolled at the Faculty of Architecture and Society of the Politecnico of Milan. After three years of Environmental Architecture I continued my course of studies and gradueted, in April 2016, in Architecture-design and protection of building heritage, thanks to which I was able to deepen my passion for building design.

The course led me to develop a particular attention to conservation and transformation at various scales, learning to manage, with culture and sensitivity, the whole range of possible interventions, sensitivity that I tried to enclose in my thesis work " regeneration. Great sanatorium complexes in Milan and Rome". During my studies I did several internships: in 2015 at the Superintendence for Architectural Heritage and Landscape, in 2013 at the the Design Office of Engineer Arianna Maggioni, in 2009 at the Technical Office of the municipality of Cesana Brianza. I took part in several workshops: IN 2016 "Working_ CHALLENGING PRACTICE: learning in action - MAY 2016" with ASF - Architetti senza frontiere Italia Onlus, in 2015 "Workshop_MIAW RE-FORMING MILAN" at Politecnico of Milan - Faculty of Architecture and Society - MIAW D_ Project for the reuse of the Ex-Macello area in Milan.

In 2016 I worked with Prof. Davide Del Curto at the Thematic Design Laboratory.

Currently I am majority counselor at the municipality of Cesana Brianza.


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